How to prevent disputes?

Once you have booked a job, we strongly advise you to create a document with the customer. In this document outline each person’s responsibility in the transport agreement. This will help to prevent the need for a dispute.

How do I get paid & what are the payment options?

There are two payment options: Paid by the customer through the following options: Cash on delivery, Eft, Debit Card or Credit Card. Tradesafe:  An Escrow service that safeguards both the buyer and seller.

Best practice tips

It is important to ask customers for a review. Reviews are a great opportunity to build your profile, get your name out there and win more jobs. Having great reviews goes a long way in securing additional work. Reviews will also help you to advance to a higher Preferred Service Provider level.      

What happens if I damage the customer’s goods?

If you have Goods In Transit Insurance, you can claim from your Insurance. If you do not have Goods In Transit Insurance, you will have to come to a resolution with the Customer. This may lead to unpleasantness.

What happens if Negotiation fails?

Either party may inform the other in writing if there is a dispute. The parties must first try to negotiate to end the dispute. Then enter into mediation if negotiation fails, and finally, go to arbitration if mediation fails. If they go to arbitration, they will agree in writing on a recognized and appropriate forum for … Continued

Tips for handling disputes

Always speak calmly and rationally to the client. This will give you a better chance of resolving the dispute.

What is Tradesafe?

Tradesafe is a licensed online financial Escrow and payments service provider. It protects the buyer’s funds (the client) in a trust until the seller (Transporter) successfully completes the job. Once the buyer is satisfied with the service, then the funds will be released to the seller. Tradesafe will require your; ID number, cell number, full name, and … Continued

Does Goload charge commission?

No, Goload does not charge the Transporter any commission. In other words, the bid amount you enter is the same amount you will be paid as a transporter. Goload is totally impartial and favors neither the ‘buyer’ or the ‘seller’.