What are my payment options?

There are two payment options : Booking deposit or Matching fee paid to Goload via PayFast. The balance is then paid directly to the Transporter on job completion. Full amount paid to Tradesafe (Escrow Service). Please note an additional cost of 1.5% of the full transaction amount will be incurred when using Tradesafe.


You may cancel and remove a request for transport services at any time prior to acceptance. However, should you cancel a concluded transport agreement, Goload will not refund the booking fee portion. If you cancel a concluded transport agreement that you have chosen to pay via escrow, we will refund you the applicable transport provider’s … Continued


You may postpone any transport agreement for fulfillment to a later date, as long as you notify Goload and the transport provider more than 24 hours before pick-up. If you do so, Goload will retain any deposit or fees paid. These fees will be retained until the transport agreement has been concluded, or cancelled. You may be … Continued

Tips for trading safely

Verify credentials: Check the driver’s license & insurance information prior to the transport taking place. Payments: Avoid deposits or upfront payments prior to collection taking place. Alternatively, you can use Tradesafe as your payment option. Never pay via: E-wallet, Cash-send, Money-gram, i-Mali, etc. Written agreement: Create a basic outline of each person’s responsibilities to avoid disputes. Escrow: Use … Continued

Top Ads

Get 10x the exposure when you place a Top Ad. This gets you more quotes and a wider range of pricing options to choose from, that in turn reduces your cost.

Urgent Ads

Urgent Ads gets you a faster response. Goload will then directly SMS matching service providers for you, alerting them to bid on your job. Urgent Ads are automatically added to loads which need to be collected within 48 hours.


A Goload Recruiter will assemble the most reliable service providers. They will find the best deals and go the extra mile to ensure everything runs smoothly. Best suited for custom requests, multiple vehicles, and long-term work. If your load needs urgent attention or you cannot wait for quotes then a recruiter is ideal for you.

Suggest an Offer

This is an option suggested by you, the customer, to speed up the bidding process. Thus reducing the bidding time if Transporters are happy with your suggested rate. This option can be found under ‘Extra load details’.

How do I confirm and pay for my booking?

After you have accepted a quote in your Dashboard, you will then be directed to a payment portal. You may choose to pay a deposit or ‘matching fee’ through PayFast via Eft, Debit card, Credit card. Alternatively, you can pay the full amount through Tradesafe which is an Escrow service.

Report Violations

To report any suspected violations, fraud or profanity, click on the Red Flag next to the posting. You can also email [email protected] Goload works extremely hard to provide a safe market place to its members. We do, however, also rely on Community members to assist in eliminating misconduct.