Plan in advance prior to the moving day: It is never a good idea to leave planning your furniture removal to the very last minute because before you know it, it’s moving day.

Packing : Always make sure you have enough boxes, bubble wrap, markers and bags for your furniture removal.

Furniture : It is important to dismantle any furniture that requires it. Never leave it to the last minute.

Fridge /Freezer: It is advisable that you defrost your freezer, switch off your fridge and remove your groceries. Make sure the glass shelves (if you have) in your fridge is removed and protectively wrapped.

Access Points: Kindly ensure that the collection and delivery point is easily accessible by the vehicle. Also check that elevators are in working order if needed. Check for overhead hazards such as low tree branches, protruding balconies and low archways.

Take a photo: This is to ensure you know how your electronics are connected so as to know where all the wires fit in.

Fragile Goods: Pianos, fish tanks, etc, require additional assistants to lift and load. More hands make light work.

Garden tools and equipment: Ensure that any fuel driven equipment is cleaned and drained (of fuel) before the removal.