The Goload Affiliate Programme

With the population growth in cities and urban areas, more and more of our indigenous trees and natural vegetation have been reduced in order to accommodate expansion. Coupled with that, we have seen a large increase in trucks, vans, and bakkies utilizing our South African roads, all of which have made a large contribution to increased carbon emissions.

Goload has joined Greenpop as a pledged partner. This is our way of protecting the environment and addressing carbon offsets in a sustainable, eco-friendly, and positive way. It is estimated that a third of all trucks that return to the depots each day are running back empty. This results in wasted fuel and money, and contributes towards congestion on our roads. By simply advertising your delivery with Goload, you automatically assist transporters in finding return loads, and not running back empty. Not only do you eliminate their empty return load, you also prevent an additional vehicle from being hired with an additional empty return load. This way, you do your part for the environment twice over!

While Goload plays its part to help South Africa breathe cleaner air, we can’t do it by ourselves. We encourage our fellow customers and transporters to contribute, by donating a tree to a worthy cause. You too can do your part in helping protect the environment, and making South Africa a greener place, by donating below.