What are my payment options?

There are two payment options : Booking deposit or Matching fee paid to Goload via PayFast. The balance is then paid directly to the Transporter on job completion. Full amount paid to Tradesafe (Escrow Service). Please note an additional cost of 1.5% of the full transaction amount will be incurred when using Tradesafe.

How do I confirm and pay for my booking?

After you have accepted a quote in your Dashboard, you will then be directed to a payment portal. You may choose to pay a deposit or ‘matching fee’ through PayFast via Eft, Debit card, Credit card. Alternatively, you can pay the full amount through Tradesafe which is an Escrow service.

What is Tradesafe?

Tradesafe is a licensed online financial Escrow and payments, service provider. It protects the buyer’s funds (the client) in a trust until the seller (Transporter) successfully completes the job. Once the buyer is satisfied with the service, then the funds will be released. Tradesafe will require your; ID number, cell number, full name, and banking … Continued