How do I get paid & what are the payment options?

There are two payment options: Paid by the customer through the following options: Cash on delivery, Eft, Debit Card or Credit Card. Tradesafe:  An Escrow service that safeguards both the buyer and seller.

What is Tradesafe?

Tradesafe is a licensed online financial Escrow and payments service provider. It protects the buyer’s funds (the client) in a trust until the seller (Transporter) successfully completes the job. Once the buyer is satisfied with the service, then the funds will be released to the seller. Tradesafe will require your; ID number, cell number, full name, and … Continued

Does Goload charge commission?

No, Goload does not charge the Transporter any commission. In other words, the bid amount you enter is the same amount you will be paid as a transporter. Goload is totally impartial and favors neither the ‘buyer’ or the ‘seller’.