Automatic Bidding

After you have placed your initial bid, you can then activate Automatic bidding. This allows you to specify a minimum bid amount, and assists in the bidding process. If your outbid, the system will automatically bid in increments for you. This will continue until you either win the job, or you reach your minimum bid amount. … Continued

Instant Bidding

The system bids for you when you are not there so you never miss out on bidding for jobs again. This greatly improves your chances of earning more money, simply check your email to see if you have won jobs for the day. Customers will need you to verify your availability and price prior to … Continued

SMS Notification

Get instant job alerts about all loads matching your vehicle type and preferences SMS’d directly to your mobile phone. This affords you the first opportunity to place a bid while on the road. You’ll have a competitive edge when it comes to certain customers who are in a rush and will select the first bid that … Continued