How do I create my profile?

In your dashboard, you can build your profile by filling in your details as comprehensively as possible. Your profile is there to introduce the services you offer to customers. Your profile also motivates them to select you as their Preferred Service Provider.    

Tips to get the best results.

Build a strong profile to increase your chances of winning more jobs. Always respect customers, be on time & deliver on your promise. Read the scope of work thoroughly prior to quoting & ask questions. Specify your terms and conditions clearly to avoid misunderstandings. Be competitive with your pricing range and join automatic bidding. Always … Continued

Custom loads, My Bids & My Loads

‘Custom loads‘ are filtered into your dashboard based on your vehicle type, preferences, and locations. Furthermore, ‘My Bids’ are jobs you have already quoted and ‘My loads‘ are loads that you have won.

Are vehicle photos required?

Yes, a photo of your vehicle is required. This is to give the customer an idea of what your vehicle looks like and the condition it is in. Click Add New Vehicle > Enter vehicle details > Click on Select File > Click on Save changes.