What does Basic Insurance cover?

Basic insurance has limited liability. Which means that it only covers theft on; hijacking, theft on collision, theft on overturning, and if the vehicle catches alight, which results in damaged goods. In addition, basic insurance does not cover goods that are; scratched, dented, broken or lost in transit.

How do I find insurance cover for my Goods?

There are two ways : Self-Insurance: You are welcome to get Goods in Transit Cover from your own insurance company prior to the move. Transporter: Choose Transporters on the Goload platform that offer Goods in Transit Cover. (please check and ask for an updated copy of the transporter’s GIT policy cover).    

Can I choose not to insure my goods?

Yes, you can. However, you will not be able to claim for any damaged or lost goods. This cannot be used as an excuse to not pay the Service Provider. 

What if my possessions are damaged?

In the unfortunate event that your goods are damaged, you will need to submit a claim. You can either submit a claim to your own insurance or your transporter’s insurance company. However, you can only claim from your transporter’s insurance if Goods in Transit Cover was taken. If no cover was taken, you will not be … Continued