How do I prevent a dispute?

Once you have booked a job, we strongly advise customers to create a document outlining each person’s responsibility in the transport agreement.  

What happens with a service or payment dispute?

A dispute must be handled between the Customer and the Transporter directly. Both parties must be willing to talk things through and come up with an amicable solution to resolve the issue. 

What happens if negotiation fails?

We are a neutral party. However, we will still try to assist you in finding a solution. All disputes must be emailed to us at [email protected] In the email you need to include; supporting documents, photos, previous correspondence, and your proposed solutions. Should we not be able to resolve the dispute, then both parties will have to enter … Continued

What happens if there is a change to the scope of work?

Kindly take note that the Transporter has every right to charge extra should there be a change to the scope of work. Changes include ; added inventory, larger dimensions, extra weight, etc. It is between you and the transporter to negotiate a rate.