What if I am running late for a job?

It is important that you let the customer know if you are running late. Communication plays a major role in the success of the jobs. Make sure you are communicating with the customer. Punctuality is also key when it comes to Transport.

What happens if there is a change to the scope of work?

Should there be a change to the scope of work, it is up to the transporter and customer to negotiate the cost. Please note if you do charge the customer extra on more than two occasions, Goload will review your profile and may suspend your account until further notice.    

Failure to Show up

You may remove any transport service bid that you make at any time prior to acceptance. Not only may you not cancel a transport agreement once your bid has been accepted. But if you do, or if you do not arrive at the agreed-upon pick-up location within one hour of the agreed-upon time (a “no-show”/ … Continued