Where do I find loads to bid on?

Click on “Find Loads” in the Main Menu or “Custom Loads” tab in your Dash Board. From there you will find your filtered load preferences. 

How do I submit a bid & must it include all costs?

Click on the job description and enter in your Bid. In particular, your cost must include vehicle, fuel, driver, staff, toll fees, and Vat if you are a Vat Vendor. The Bid amount entered must be your total price. Furthermore, the amount you enter is the amount you get paid, Goload does not take any commission.

Am I legally obligated to fulfill my bids?

Yes. All Active Bids on Goload are legally binding. You can cancel prior to the Customer accepting your Bid. However, you are required to fulfill your obligations once the bid has been accepted.

What happens once my bid is accepted?

You will receive a confirmation email stating that you have won the job. It is important to communicate with the customer as soon as possible. Furthermore, we recommend drawing up an agreement outlining what each person’s responsibility is to make the day run smoothly.

How do I make contact with the customer?

All contact information will be made available on the job card. However, we advise all transporters to print a copy of the job card and take it with on the collection date. This will help the driver avoid any mishaps as all of the load details will be on the job card. You can also contact the … Continued

Bidding Rules?

Only bid on jobs that you can actually perform. Have the correct vehicle with the correct staff compliment. Vehicle must be roadworthy, serviced and well maintained. Driver must have the required license and PDP to carry goods. Do not double book yourself & ensure that you are available. Never let a customer down at the … Continued